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Since the City of Russellville's purchase of the system in 1982 and the formation of the non-profit corporation in 1985, the Utility has been under the direction of 37 different Directors and only five different managers. They have provided the stable leadership and prudent fiscal management necessary for the Water and Wastewaters' successful transition from a small water system to a regional drinking water utility.


The City Corporation Board of Directors is an appointed commission of the City of Russellville, Arkansas, which is comprised of five members. City Corporation was established as authorized by Arkansas statute in 1985 to operate, maintain, and improve the Russellville municipal waterworks and wastewater system. City Corporation also operates and manages the ConAgra Pretreatment Plant. The Corporation functions as a City owned utility and supported by the revenue generated from the ratepayers of the systems. The corporation employs staff for the water, wastewater, and ConAgra Pretreatment Plant operations. The maintenance, engineering, administration and support staff serves all three. City Corporation presently employs approximatly 57 individuals within the company.

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