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Hassle Free Bill Payment

Customer Service

The City Corporation Business Office is located at 205 W. 3rd Place in Russellville. 
The office hours are 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, except on holidays.

Email customer service: service@citycorporation.com


Mailing Address for Correspondence and Payments:

City Corporation
PO Box 3186
Russellville, AR 72811-3186

If you have questions about your service, our Customer Service Department can be reached @


Quick Pay Locations for City Corporation

City Corporation's Business Office is located at 205 W. 3rd Place,
Russellville AR. At our Business Office location, we have four different
options for making payments.

Walk in service is available at our Business Office during the hours of 
8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

Drive-through window payment service is available from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm, Monday - Friday.  

Drop off services are available at the Business Office in two different locations. Both are located to the East end of our building, next to our drive in window. One box is located in the drive through lane. The other is located in the island past the drive through window. We ask that customer's paying a past due bill do not use the drop boxes. They are checked once daily, therefore; there is a risk of disconnection for non-payment. If you are past due, please bring the payment into the office or through the drive through window during regular business hours.

If you wish to have your bill payment automatically drafted from your checking/savings account, Please Click Here for more information.


Obtaining Water & Wastewater Service

New Service
To establish water or wastewater service at a location that has not had service before, you will need to contact our Customer Service Department at City Corporation. There are permits that will need to be issued to start the process. All customer service related calls should be made to 479-968-2105.  

In order to get a permit issued for Water/Wastewater you will need:

  1.       Street Address. That will need to be assigned by the local 911 office. You can reach that office @ 479-968-1800.

  2.       Addition Name

  3.       Lot Number.

  4.       Block Number.

  5.       Name of Licensed Plumber that will be doing the work.

  6.       Whether a Meter will need to be set or not.

  7.       Who will be responsible for the bill if meter is set & billing information.

  8.       Location of where meter needs to be set. This will need to be located in an area where there will be no driveways, landscaping etc… The meter will be accessed periodically by the meter readers and needs to be located in an area that will not be covered in the future, preventing access. This should generally be at/ or near the property line or edge of the street. If it is covered after installation, and requires being moved, it will be at the customer’s expense. The location of the meter needs to be staked. Our office can provide a stake. Our employees will do their best to get the service as close to the stake as possible.

If excavating is necessary to connect water or wastewater service, a contact with Arkansas One Call has to be made. They locate any other utilities in the area before work begins. There is a 48-hour waiting period for Arkansas One Call to locate. Therefore, work cannot be completed on the installation of a new service for at least the 48-hour period. Normally, a new service can be completed in about 3 days from the time a request is made for service, unless main extension is required.

Service Connection

In order to obtain service where the facilities are already in place, you need to contact our Customer Service Department at 479-968-2105 . The Customer Service Department will establish the account and request a service order. Service will be connected as soon as possible, normally within ½ day of the time that the service request is made. Due to the possibility of damage, we like for the customer to be home for the connection. If that is not possible, the customer can give permission for us to connect with no one at home, provided the customer accepts the responsibility for any damage when the water is connected. The possibilities of damage are something running on the inside of the facility, such as a leak, an open faucet, washer connections, or toilets running. Meters are set and/or turned on during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.


City Corporation requires a deposit that is equal to 2 and one half (2 1/2) times the estimated monthly bill or average monthly bill for services rendered. Deposits will be waived if the customer can produce a “Letter of Credit” from a previous utility company.

That Letter of Credit must verify that they had service for over a year, with a good payment history. Deposits can be waived on previous City Corporation customers if they had service for a period of one year with a good payment history.

City Corporation will refund deposits on notice to disconnect services and after payment in full has been received for all services rendered. City Corporation will forward any deposit balance due customer to the forwarding address furnished by the customer.  

City Corporation will apply deposit refunds to the customer’s account, even though the customer remains a customer of City Corporation, provided that the customer has: (1) a five year historical record of prompt payment; (2) not violated any of City Corporation’s rules and regulations on file.  

City Corporation has no obligation to pay interest on deposits during the time it is held pursuant to the deposit agreement.  

Deposits will transfer with customers from one service address to another. There will be no deposit required to transfer service, unless the account is disconnected for non-payment before the transfer is made.

Deposits will not be transferred from one name to another. In that case, the deposit is refunded to the current owner, and a new deposit is required from the new owner.

Customer’s accounts are monitored very carefully for payment history. If in the event accounts become delinquent and/or a shutoff notice is mailed to the customer, City Corporation may charge a deposit equal to two and one-half times (2 ½) the average water bill. The deposit is billed to the customer and is delinquent twenty days from the date that it is billed.


Monthly Bills

Bills for service are rendered monthly. There is a practical billing period of 30 days. The bills are delinquent twenty days after the mail date.  

Failure to receive a bill in no way exempts customer from payment.

When City Corporation is unable to read a meter, after reasonable effort, the bill is based on an average, or on previous month's bill.


Discontinuance of Service

Disconnection requests are to be made to City Corporation’s Business office @ 479-968-2105  


Helpful Hints On Finding A Leak

The most common water leak is a dripping faucet.  Toilet leaks are also a common problem. You can detect a toilet leak by pouring bluing into toilet tank and watching for coloring to appear in the bowl of toilet. Do not flush during test. 

To test for possible leak, turn off all faucets and other water outlets, and keep watch on the one gallon hand on the meter for ten or fifteen minutes. If the hand continues to move, then there is a leak; the size of the leak can be measured by timing the hand to see how long it takes to waste a given quantity.

Responsibility For Service 

City Corporation owns, maintains, and repairs all of the underground water and sewer lines up to the customers water meter or property line.  The customer owns and is responsible for the installation; maintenance, and repair of everything from the meter or property line in the case of sewer service into the house.

If a leak occurs on the customer’s portion of the line ( between the meter or main sewer line, generally located between the property line and the house), the customer must have the leak repaired.

The meter is normally located in the meter box near the property line.  The water can be turned off at the meter in case of an emergency.  The customer should have, according to the plumber’s code, their own shutoff valve located in the line between the meter and the house.  The meter box should never be covered (i.e., paving, vehicles, landscaping, etc.).  Shrubs, trees, etc, must be kept trimmed from around the meter box.  City Corporation will trim these if not maintained by the customer.


Customer Responsibility

  • Water service pipe from meter box to house

  • Interior plumbing lines and fixtures

  • Sewer service pipe from the property line to the house

Company Responsibility

  • Meter and valves

  • Water main

  • Meter box

  • Service pipe from main to meter

  • Main sewer line


Continuous Service 

City Corporation will strive to maintain service but is not liable for loss or damage caused by interruption, delay, or failure of service.  However, in the event of disruption of service, every reasonable effort will be made to restore service as promptly as possible


While away from Home  

When the customer plans to be away for an extended period, advanced payments are suggested to prevent an interruption of service. City Corporation offers bank draft and on-line payment options for your convienence.


High bills 

If the water bill is higher than usual, and no explanations can be found,  contact the City Corporation office for assistance. In most instances, a high reading is investigated before being mailed.  The most common reasons for high water usage are excessive irrigation and leaking fixtures.


How to read a meter  

Procedures to enable Customers to read a meter

Badger Split Case Magnetic Drive Water Meter

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th digits are read from left to right in which case this meter reads 143 or 143,000 gallons. The previous reading is subtracted from the present reading to calculate consumption. The long red hand is used to calculate flow and detect leaks.  This meter is equipped with a red triangular shaped flow finder, which magnifies the flow in order to detect smaller leaks. (See example below)



Recordall Model 15 Badger Magnetic Drive Water Meter

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th digits are read from left to right in which case this meter reads 687 or 687,000 gallons. The previous reading is subtracted from the present reading to calculate flow and detect leaks. This meter is equipped with a red triangular shaped flow finder, which magnifies the flow in order to detect smaller leaks. (See example below)





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